Sunday, January 8, 2012

The List

One morning I woke up and realized my thirties were fast approaching, and I had absolutely nothing to show for my twenties (I can be dramatic). Call it the onset of my quarter-life-crisis. That morning I wrote out a list of all the things I would have loved to accomplish before I was 25. I ate breakfast and realized that I'm only 26, and I have PLENTY of time to make the most out of years 27, 28 and 29...

This was the beginning of my list of Thirty "Somethings" I want to accomplish before turning the "big 3-O."

Travel to South America, Europe, Asia, Africa and Australia...yes all the continents.
Take my family to Jamaica for Christmas.
Get engaged, plan a wedding, get married ^__^
Learn to sew.
Volunteer somewhere consistently.
Write a book.
Visit another country...alone.
Go all Apple everything (iPhone on deck!)
Buy stocks.
Invest in a Burberry trench coat.
Find my signature fragrance (I'm now leaning towards Burberry Body)
Become a filmmaker.
Draw/paint/otherwise create something for my walls.
Live alone (this is pretty much done!)
Fully decorate my own space.
Print pictures from my camera and hang them up!
Teach a college-level course.
Buy a quilted Chanel purse.
Make another best friend (it's different when you meet people as an adult).
Learn to play piano by ear...for realsies.
Move to a new city (extra points if it's in a new country).
Dye my hair.
Learn to swim ASAP.
Train for a marathon.
Go ziplining, snorkeling, skiing and surfing.
Create and/or lead out in a church ministry.
Adopt a grandparent.
Memorize 30 new scriptures.
Learn Spanish and Portuguese.
Throw an AMAZING 30th birthday party!!!

Okay so maybe they aren't all "little" somethings, but I can do them all if I stay focused and don't waste time sitting around the house. Or taking naps. I can't wait until I turn thirty and can post a huge version of this list somewhere at my party with EVERYTHING crossed off. That would just be perfect =)

Little Miss Knight


  1. This is a great idea Koos I know you can do it!
    Gosh I'm only 20 and this list makes ME panic haha
    Hope you get through this,
    God bless!

  2. My pastor just motivated us with a message titled "Big Ask". I think we tend to forget that as a child of GOD we have full permission to ask our Father for BIG things (as you have above).

    I hope you attain all your 30 somethings and that each year leading to your BIG 30 is something spectacular and memorable.

  3. I'm 25. I'm making a list soon. Well more like a life binder. I stole the idea from allthatglitters21. I understand not napping. But if I'm not sleep, I'm wasting my life away watching YouTube. I will post it on my blog
    Don't be surprised if some of my list is copied from yours. I like your ideas. So happy blogging!