Thursday, January 12, 2012

iPhone 4

Hmmm...that's odd. Let me try restarting it again.
Pulls out battery, waits a few, puts the battery back.
Oh no, it did it again. I wonder what the issue is. Well, let me try one more time.
*repeats steps from above*
C'mon, SERIOUSLY?!?!?! I just can't...


This is pretty much what happened to me New Year's weekend. My BlackBerry would not turn on. I took the battery out, but the software only loaded 75% of the way. And then stopped. I'm sorry...what???? This happened four times at 1:00 AM before I finally went to sleep. I went to the Sprint store the next morning to see if I could get the phone fixed. I didn't have the money to buy a new phone (I'd just spent like $500 on stuff for the studio). The customer service rep I spoke to was really helpful. She told me that BlackBerry phones don't recover from such a mishap, and I would NEED to get a new phone. Awesome.

Well I found out I could get the iPhone 4 (not the newer, blessed by goddess Siri iPhone 4s) for only $99, and if I traded in my BlackBerry, she could take off an additional $20.

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Uh, SOLD! I walked out of the store with a brand new iPhone--and no idea how to use it. I couldn't use the SIMPLEST phone ever created. I've never felt sooooo dumb. After 2 weeks, I'm much more comfortable with it now, and iPhone apps are the best things ever invented. I mean that. I thought I knew everything an iPhone could do because I had an iPod touch, but the internet connection makes ALL the difference. I can check my bank account in seconds and never have to call anyone or go on my computer. I'm addicted to Face Time. There's an app for the Metro rail. I's been amazing.

Life is so much easier now. My iPhone makes me feel like I'm prepared to face the day. My iPhone makes me prettier. I'm more interesting. And when I need a snack, it can make a sandwich. Okay I'm half kidding. It's a great phone though. I'm even more dedicated to going "all Apple everything" now. Next stop: a MacBook :)

Little Miss Knight


  1. Yeah I have 4s and the phone is amazing! I'm so upset that I took forever to get one! My next stop after getting married is getting a MAC also :D good luck hun!

  2. I was on my 4th BB the day before New Years Eve when I dropped it in water! I was tempted to get the I-Phone, but I am rough on phones and 3 replacements within a two year period was not gonna work for me! My port messed up on my previous BB so I could not get my contacts out,the others crashed. The hubby said it was from too many texts and pics, lol. So I got the EVO and I am in LOVE too! I am an app fool! Dont get me started on words with friends. I am getting my butt kicked by several people, but NOT ALL! lol Congrats!